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Cycle from Edinburgh to Hajj
Total Distance : 6000km
Total Days : 60 days


1st April-31st May, 2024


Raising money for Gaza

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The Challenge

Abdul Rehman and his brother Reehan are going to cycle from Edinburgh to Saudi Arabia, to raise money for Gaza.

Abdul explains why...

The people of Gaza are facing immense challenges because of the dire onslaught they have been forced to endure with daily bombings which have left Gaza decimated. As a result, there is now very limited access to basic necessities like food, clean water, and healthcare. Unfortunately, it is the women and children of Gaza who are suffering the most.

Please support Reehan and Abdul Rahman on their noble journey, by donating to their fundraising campaign for the people of Gaza. 

The Pedal 2 Hajj campaign is raising funds for the people of Gaza, who are unable to access basic necessities like food, clean water, and healthcare due to the ongoing relentless war.

The Route

6000km · 60 days · 13 countries

Scotland · England · Netherlands · Germany · Austria · Hungary · Serbia · Bulgaria · Türkiye · Lebanon · Syria · Jordan · Saudi Arabia

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