How-to-Check-Your-ION8-is-Leakproof ION8

How to Check Your ION8 is Leakproof

One of our main priorities at Ion8 is ensuring your bottle is 100% leakproof no matter the adventure or challenge.

To ensure maximum safety, in addition to our triple locking security we also have three seals incorporated into our ION8 OneTouch 2.0 lid.

With all three seals in place this stops your ION8 from leaking from the drinking spout, air vent and sides of the lid when closed.

Each of the seals are made from transparent hypoallergenic food grade silicon meaning they are heat resistant, durable, and can be used for a number of years.

Each seal can also be removed and cleaned separately from the main lid and bottle body.

If any of these parts are damaged or missing your bottle may leak, so we advise to always check your seals before setting off.

Should you notice any seals missing or damaged, we have replacement seals available for purchase here.

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