When we started making bottles, they all had a wrist strap attached to the bottle. We considered both removable and fixed straps. Removable straps can be lost, and fixed straps get wet when washing, which can be annoying.

We struggled for a solution that was better.

Today, all our bottles have changed to a carrying handle attached to the lid. The wrist strap is no more. 


In fact there were a number of reasons to make this change. Any solution has pros and cons, but we felt the benefits outweighed anything lost. 

So here goes...

  • wrist straps get wet when washing
  • wrist straps have a large surface, and collect contamination as they brush against things
  • younger users often develop a habit of chewing straps (unhygienic)
  • some younger users used the strap to swing the bottle dangerously
  • removing the strap allows a cleaner design and we removed the ridge where the strap sat. Easier to clean, less crevices for bugs or dirt.
These issues with straps were brought into sharp focus in 2020, with the global Covid pandemic, when hygiene became even more acutely necessary.

The reality is that the handles are cleaner and safer


  • removing the ridge allowed us to increase the internal volume without any change to the size! Pod went from 350ml to 400ml. Slim from 500ml to 600ml. Tour and Quench stayed roughly the same capacity, but we were able to add an integrated grip to both models
  • The handles make it far easier to carry a number of bottles, hang them on hooks, or attach them to carabiners. No change is universally welcomed, but feedback tells us as you use them, you will come to appreciate them too.