Usage & Care

How to use and care for your OneTwist Thermal Flask / Bottle


How to clean

Before use always rinse the bottle and cap with cool water
After use always rinse in warm water and dish soap only
Air dry thoroughly before storing. Always store with cap off.

Hand wash only!

Dishwashers or hard scrubbing can cause damage to the coloured paint or surface of your bottle.



Do not freeze when full
Do not boil or microwave bottle
Do not use for carbonated drinks
Do not use with non-drinkable liquids
Do not use abrasives to scrub, it may damage paintwork
Do not wash at high temperatures in a dishwasher
Do not impact or drop, it may cause damage
Ensure cap is screwed on tightly before use

If drinking very hot liquids straight from the bottle, please exercise extreme caution!

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