Leak Proof Cycling Water Bottles, 750ml / 24oz

A great cycling water bottle and fits most bike bottle holders and adult backpacks. Shorter and a little wider than a 500ml, it fits within most bike frames.

Standard Features

The following features are standard on OneTouch reusable drinks bottles.

No Leaks

100% leak proof, 100% of the time. When closed, the spout and vent are completely sealed.

Safe Lock

Prevent accidents. Operated easily with one finger, it clicks reassuringly into place.

One Touch

Springs open for one handed use on the go. No annoying screw top, no dirty spout.

Fast Flow

Vented, smooth liquid flow. No glugging, no squeezing, no painful suction.

Easy Fill

 The bottle's wide mouth makes quick refills, adding ice cubes & cleaning a breeze!

BPA Free

BPA Free, phthalate free, non-toxic, highly resistant to odours and can be easily cleaned.

Bike Bottle Holders

OneTouch 750ml cycling water bottles are 78mm wide, so they fit most standard bike bottle holders. Shorter than a 500ml bottle, they fit into the available space in most cycle frames.


Tour fits side mesh pockets on most adult backpacks and rucksacks.

For smaller or kids’ backpacks, the 65mm wide 350ml or 500ml may be a better alternative.


OneTouch 750ml comes in a wide range of fashionable colours and fits mens’ or ladies’ bikes, so it is suited to anyone.

Happy customers.

"The last water bottle you will ever need to buy!"

Not many things deserve 5 stars but this does… it’s very well made… it fits perfectly in bike bottle holders & does not leak at all, it’s a good piece of engineering. I use it cycling, I also take it to work and out in the car on long journeys, worth every penny, I’ll never need to buy another water bottle again…
Amazon UK

"Premium Feel"

Feels like a premium product even though it is plastic. The cap was the main selling point for me after having some weird twisty one previously. It opens with a button press, and just put the lid back down to close. It also has a little hole in the cap so that water comes out quickly.
A Smith
Amazon UK

"Fantastic bottle!"

This bottle is awesome! I used to take supermarket water bottles to the gym or swimming as I hadn’t found a sports bottle I liked enough. This bottle has a fantastic silicon type feel to it that means it doesn’t slip out of your hands when they are wet (from swimming), but is still solid so does not bend or buckle and stands nicely. I bought the larger sized 750ml bottle and found it fits perfectly in the bottle holders in the gym machines.
Amazon UK
Fill Height (no lid)
Per Carton
50 units

350ml / 12oz

The width of a can (65mm), it fits all cup holders, kids’ lunchboxes. Easy to open / close, grippy surface, with a hand strap.

500ml / 18oz

Slim and elegant, it fits all car cup holders and backpack mesh pockets. A great general purpose bottle with a wrist strap for use on the move.

750ml / 24oz

A great cycling water bottle and fits most bike bottle holders and adult backpacks. Shorter and wider than a 500ml, it fits within most bike frames.

1 Litre / 32oz

An extra large 1000ml capacity, great to use outdoors, camping, or at the gym. Scratch resistant, comfortable to hold, and fitted with a safety strap.

550ml / 12oz

Winner of two international design awards. With curved sides and a comfort band for easy grip, in fashionable colours.

Extend & Add

Bottle accessories and spare parts to extend the functionality and life of your water bottle.

Our Best Water Bottle

OneTouch bottles are made for rapid hydration and designed to be leak proof.

OneTouch Thermal

Stainless steel OneTouch bottles with ThermoShield thermal insulation

Usage & Care

How to use and care for your OneTouch

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