Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my bottle dribble when I drink?

You are using a new kind of water bottle, with some design features you may not be used to. With traditional bottles, the spout is in the centre, and you need to tilt it heavily to drink. With Ion8, the spout is on the side of the lid, so you don’t need to tilt so far.

Please read our Usage guide, and your problem should be resolved.
Click here for the Usage & Care Guide

Why does my bottle leak when closed?

Your bottle has two seals in the lid.

These seals are removable for cleaning. If they are not properly replaced, the vent and/or spout may not be sealed, and the bottle could leak. Please ensure the seals are present and undamaged.

I need new seals. Where can I get them?

Ion8 bottle seals are available for all Ion8 water bottles. They should be replaced if they become damaged, ineffective or discoloured.

Ask you reseller if they have them, or find them on Amazon

Go to Amazon: UK | DE | FR | IT | ES

Do your water bottles have thermal properties?

Ion8 water bottles will handle drinks from -10°C to 96°C, from below freezing to almost boiling.

However, they do not have thermal properties such as keeping a hot drink hot, or a cold drink cold any more than any standard container with a lid on it. They keep drinks warmer or colder than a cup or mug, but not for hours as you would expect from a thermal bottle.

What height and diameter is each Ion8 bottle?

Sizing information is available on each product page.
However, here is a comparison table that may be helpful.

Can you make branded bottles for me or my organization?

We do have a co-branding programme for corporate, promotional or gifting requirements.

Please contact us via this form, and we will get back to you. Thanks!

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